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Flooding Information  - a community page from all for IT


prediction of the level of flooding at Felmersham and Radwell Bridges using the river level at Sharnbrook Mill supplied by EA


This is only intended to be used as a guide - the accuracy is not warranted.


It is possible to get these details sent to you:



Gt Ouse River Levels - this page created at 00:41 24/06/2019

2019/06/24 07:00 0.26m  @ Sharnbrook    Radwell     Felmersham 
2019/06/23 07:00 0.29m  @ Sharnbrook    Radwell     Felmersham 
2019/06/22 02:00 0.28m  @ Sharnbrook    Radwell     Felmersham 
2019/06/21 07:00 0.30m  @ Sharnbrook    Radwell     Felmersham 
2019/06/21 02:00 0.31m  @ Sharnbrook    Radwell     Felmersham 
2019/06/20 07:00 0.33m  @ Sharnbrook    Radwell     Felmersham 



Red - the road is most likely to be flooded

Amber - the road might have puddles or shallow floods

Green - the road ought to be clear of water 

Data sourced from GOV.UK

The data is made available under the Open Government Licence v3.0
(previously contained Environment Agency information © Environment Agency and database right see their Terms and Conditions of use)